Headquarters Introduction

Machinery & Electric Infrastructure Division

We leverage cutting-edge technical intelligence to support production sites in Japan and around the world.
We utilize intelligence received from our worldwide networks to support key industry production sites within Japan and overseas. We provide the latest technologies while carrying out plans suited to the needs of each site.

Steel & Nonferrous Metal Industry
We procure and provide equipment from domestic and overseas sources, meeting customer needs for all manufacturing processes of domestic and overseas manufacturing facilities.
Transport and Automotive Industries
We develop and provide components for railway, vehicle, and Marine ship, and offers a prototype, testing and manufacturing facilities.
Chemical Industry and Utility Plant
We provide utillity equipments for chemical plants such as high-performance distillation equipment, boilers, LNG vaporizer, power plant.
Food Machinery
We offer unique and innovative domestic and foreign technology to meet every need, in order to contribute to safe and bountiful dietary lifestyles.
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Product Manufacturing Equipment
We offer improvement of manufacturing process of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and provide cutting-edge equipment of high precision inspection equipment, anvanced containment process equipment, sterilization equipment, etc.

Industrial Machinery System Division

We are a professional group providing equipment and services in response to all manner of client needs,through cooperation with the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s overseas offices.
"Utilizing our global relation network, we offer value innovations and solutions to fit the present and future needs of clients throughout a wide variety of industries, both in Japan and overseas."
We provide total coordination and support services to Japanese client who are establishing a business presence in overseas.

Industrial Machinery Industry
From machine tools, distribution system, and utility facilities, to office equipment and experimental facilities, we have solutions for all manner of needs throughout the field of industrial machinery.
Electronics Industry
We provide devices and precision inspection tools indispensable to production in fields such as liquid crystal technology, semiconductors, printed circuit boards, multifunctional optical film and optical communication. We also fill needs for electronic components such as magnets, touch panels, capacitors, and batteries.
Automobile Industry
From forming Machinery to lasers, to precision manufacturing systems such as injection molding machine, we provide solutions to a wide variety of demands through auto parts manufacturing equipment, parts and materials, various systems and services, a wide range of requests of prototype manufacturing.
Chemical Industry
We provide options ranging from canning equipment such as stirring/mixing equipment and heat exchangers used in synthetic resin reactions, machinery which contributes to nanotechnology such as powder machinery, to film/resin molding, coating, and secondary processing devices including slitting machines. We also provide automation equipment and other technologies to support optimization of production processes.
Standardized device, Motor, and Speed Reducers Industry
As an agent of the Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. Power Transmission Control Operating Division, we provide a wide variety of motors and speed reducers.Additionally, we can respond to all manner of customer needs, such as hydraulic machinery, pumps, specialized motors, utility equipment, and water treatment technologies.
Overseas Business Expansion Support
From gathering extensive information about candidate sites and performing market research, to exporting equipment and managing local procurement, we offer overall consulting services to meet any customers’ need. We make use of our extensive experience to support expansion of production facilities throughout Ahnad.
Export / Import Support
Utilizing the local networks of the Sumitomo Corporation Group’ s overseas offices, we support the full cycle of abruad sales expansion from market research to after-sales service. Furthermore, we procure equipment and materials from countries throughout Asia, and deliver to our customers’ factories at home and abroad. We also assist with global procurement, allowing customers of Mnlare Materials Parts.
Thailand Consolidated Subsidiary (SC Machinex Asia Ltd.)
Through our company's consolidated subsidiary in Thailand, we support operation of factories in Asia. We provide total service, such as import and sales of various kinds of machine tools, and the local production in Asia, procurement of consumables and materials, for factory operation.

Facilities System Division

Our goal is to earn our customers’ trust as their “Utility Consultant with the Resources and Experience of a Major Trading Firm”.Through practices such as promotion of high-efficiency equipment, utilization of renewable energy, and consideration of carbon offsets, we contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.
We handle all manner of key utility equipment for buildings. We offer our proprietary services from various points of view, from provision of equipment ideal for our customers’ needs and applications, to operation which reduces energy usage and environmental impact, and problem resolution.

Air Conditioning and Plumbing System for Various Types of Buildings
(Air Conditioning Related Equipment, Sanitation Related Equipment, etc.)
We offer ideal utility machinery and equipment for a wide variety of building types, focused on low-energy and high-efficiency devices.
Electrical Utilities for Various Types of Buildings
(Power Receiving and Transforming Equipment, Power Generation Equipment, Light Fixtures, Low-Current Equipment, Automatic Fire Detection Equipment, etc.)
We offer a large range of electrical equipment and materials suited for a wide variety of building types such as office buildings and commercial facilities.
Elevators & Mechanical Parking Lot Equipment
(Elevators & Escalators, Parking Towers, Underground Parking, Stack Parking Systems, etc.)
Our elevators and escalators offer cutting-edge functionality along with the safety and comfort needed for smooth building operation, and can help to attract more visitors to commercial facilities. We also provide parking lot systems optimized to meet our customers’ needs.
Industrial Heavy Electric Equipment
(Electrical Receiving and Distribution Equipment, Transformers, Various Electrical Generation Systems, Power Cables, etc.)
Based on our plentiful experience and achievements, we offer electric facility equipment suited to industrial use, providing an ideal combination of power saving and cost performance.
Filter Cleaning & Restoration Services
(General cleaning services for air conditioning-related equipment, dust collectors, compressors, dryers, painting equipment, wastewater treatment facilities, etc.)
Our filter washing and re-utilization technology for MEPA filters and assorted industrial filters enables customers to re-use filters which were previously considered disposable, achieving reductions in cost and volume of waste.
Medical Institutional Healthy Recipe Distribution System & Meal Content Recording / Management System
(Electronic distribution of healthy recipes and meal content recording / management system, cooking support systems, kitchen-related facilities, etc.)
We electronically distribute medical institutions’ healthy recipes to company dining halls, senior facilities, food processing companies, etc., providing healthy meals and supporting the sale of high-quality boxed lunches. We also provide health management support through the “Healthy Menu SORA”website administered by Glocal-i Co., Ltd.

ICT Infrastructure·Solution Division

We offer solutions from Japan and worldwide, optimized for dynamically changing and growing markets.
Utilizing our wealth of experience and know-how, combined with the latest technologies, we deliver products, engineering, and service with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction.

Unified Communication(UC)
We support construction of UC environments from UC system design to device sales, bringing real-time communications to the business scene through technologies such as SNS, IP-Phone, and Web conferencing.
ICT Products
We offer a full range of ICT-related products, from various back-up power supply technologies, communication modem, BCP solutions, security and ID card system, to IoT/ M2M solutions.
Communication Infrastructure
We work together with our customer to design, construct, operate, and maintain a wide variety of communication network solutions and EV charger, lithiumstorage system, etc.
Optical & Wireless Communication Devices
We offer a wide range of devices, such as optical transmitter/receiver parts and wireless signal amplifier parts, which are components of optical communication and wireless communication equipment that support systems such as high-capacity backbone network infrastructure and high-speed mobile communications networks.
Processing & Analytic Device Components
In addition to laser light sources necessary for the manufacture of precision electronics, we offer state-of-the-art components used in a wide variety of industries, such as optical components for quality inspection devices used in the food and pharmaceutical fields.
Die Casting・Metal Parts
We provide parts for mass production in the fields of electronics, automobiles, and precision devices, with high quality and low cost through our selected partners in Southeast Asia and China.
Environment & Energy Solution
(Co-Generation, Solar Power Generation, Biomass Power Generation, etc.)
We engineer unique services utilizing renewable energy systems, consolidating a variety of functions such as finance, operation, and maintenance, offering solutions to issues such as environmental regulation compliance and cost reduction.
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