Headquarters Introduction

Six businesses fields

Sumitomo shoji Machinex operates in the fields of social and industrial infrastructure through six business areas in cooperation with organizations in Japan and overseas. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and to the creation of a fulfilling future by bringing people, society and technology together in a relationship of trust with our many business partners.
As the core business grows further, we will lead the way in co-creation and create unique value for society.

Steel & Nonferrous Pland Division

The Steel & Nonferrous Pland Division provides business support to the steel and non-ferrous metal industries, which are key industries. We are aware of global trends and provide valuable system services through access to advanced technologies.

Steel and non-ferrous metal industries
We procure and provide state-of-the-art equipment and services, including manufacturing process equipment, zero emissions and digital technologies, for your domestic and overseas production sites.

Manufacturing Solution Division

The Manufacturing Solutions Division is a group of specialists who provide advanced technologies and meticulous services to offer optimal solutions and support manufacturing globally in all areas from production to logistics. We continue to chllenge that Creating New Functions and Increasing Value through Collaboration with Suppliers.

Automobile industry
We propose various facilities, solutions, and cutting-edge technologies necessary for mobility manufacturing using our global network.
Semiconductor and electronic materials industries
We propse as required for the production of semiconductors, printed circuit boards and optical communications-related products according to the customer's needs for equipment, inspection equipment, various systems and services.
Overseas Business Support
Using Sumitomo Corporation Group's network,we support new expansion and overseas production bases,We will provide information and support the import/export and local procurement of equipment and supplies associated with the establishment of factories and increased production, as well as support the manufacturing site.

Mechatronics Division

We will support a wide range of industrial bases with mechatronics products, including variable speed reducers and various equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, which have been our core businesses since our founding. We will create unique value by accessing the latest technology and promoting innovation for various industries such as solution proposals utilizing robotics x DX technology and promotion of next-generation mobility development business.

Mobility development
We are investing in the development of various types of demonstration equipment, pursuing motorization technologies common to all mobility sectors, including automobiles. In particular, we support motors, inverters, power modules, CFRPs, batteries, etc. in a wide range of areas, from prototype production to equipment investment and mass production SCMs, based on customer needs.
Robotics x Digital Lance Formation
As a domestic distributor of Doosan Robotics, Inc. in Korea, we will contribute to society by improving the working environment and providing a safe and secure living environment by developing solutions that integrate DX technology with applications centered on robots and AMR in cooperation with SIers.
Chemical industry and utility plants
We provide a variety of process equipment, including powder equipment, high-precision inspection equipment, and a variety of utility equipment that reduces energy consumption and environmental impact.
Pharmaceuticals and health food facilities
We provide state-of-the-art equipment, including improved manufacturing processes for pharmaceuticals and health foods, high-precision inspection equipment, advanced containment process equipment, and various manufacturing equipment.
Various types of gearboxes, motors and related equipment
As an agent in the Power Lance Mission Control Division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., we provide various types of transmission and reduction motors. In addition, we meet a wide range of needs, including those related to hydraulic equipment, pumps, special motors, and utility equipment.

Facilities System Division

The Equipment Systems Headquarters uses its accumulated knowledge and experience to provide optimal facilities and valuable solutions for rapidly changing societies, construction industries, and buildings affected by environmental measures (carbon neutral, energy conservation, etc.), digital measures (5G, data utilization, etc.), reforms of working styles, and other major changes in the external environment, such as the SDGs. We will also create value-added services that please our customers by working together with various stakeholders and accessing technologies. 

Air conditioning, water supply and drainage sanitation facilities
We propose safe, economical, and comfortable equipment and solutions centered on energy-saving, high-efficiency equipment that is friendly to the global environment. (Air conditioning and ventilation systems, air supply and exhaust systems, water supply and drainage systems, fire extinguishing systems, etc.)
Electrical equipment
Based on our abundant experience and track record, we propose optimum electrical equipment that is compatible with energy conservation and economic efficiency. (Power Distribution Equipment, Power Generation Equipment, Lighting Equipment, Automatic Fire Alarm Equipment, Electric Cable, etc.)
Building equipment
We will provide a system that incorporates the latest trends and enables high-level linkage with construction equipment. We offer proposals that are safe and comfortable and tailored to customer needs.(Elevator and escalator facilities, mechanical parking facilities, etc.)

Urban Infrastructure Business Division

The Urban Infrastructure Division provides a variety of solutions to support urban infrastructure through open innovation and technology.
We Pursuing the functions required of sustainable urban development, environment and energy, digital, transport and transportation, provide valuable solutions in a variety of urban functions, including mobility, disaster prevention and resilience.

Energy management
(Solar power generation, biomass power generation, cogeneration, storage batteries, tuning power, etc.)
While utilizing power sources such as renewable energy, will develop energy businesses that combine various functions such as finance, operations, maintenance and new technologies. And aim to realize resource aggregators while solving problems related to users' environmental measures and cost reduction.
Smart infrastructure
(Mobility/parking related services, district heat supply related services, hydrogen related systems, etc.)
We provide the best possible solutions to the problems faced by the core infrastructures for urban functions. We provide valuable services that connect people and towns in the development of smart cities in Japan and overseas. We will build services not only for convenience, but also for the environment and safety in order to build future towns.
Facility management (FM)
(FM platform, BCP measures, filter cleaning and regeneration services, etc.)
We provide a platform for equipment management, maintenance and data management using digital technology. We provide an emergency power supply system using EVs and storage batteries. By cleaning and reusing the elements of medium-performance filters and industrial humidifiers, aim to reduce costs and waste.

Information and Communications Division

The Information and Communications Division provides optimum solutions from Japan and overseas for customers to achieve Digital Transformation (DX).
We provide products, engineering, and services that improve customer satisfaction using our wealth of know-how and the latest technologies.

5G Solutions
We are supporting our efforts toward DX by proposing solutions for 5G base station sharing and by offering a full range of solutions from local 5G infrastructure construction to utilization.
Unified Communications (UC)
We support the development of UC environments from design to device sales of UC systems that realize real-time communication in business scenes, such as SNS, IP-Phone, and web conferencing.
Optical and wireless communication devices
Optical transmission and optical reception components and wireless signal amplification components used in optical communication and wireless communication equipment, We propose various devices to support high-capacity trunk network infrastructure and high-speed communication of mobile phones.
Telecommunications infrastructure
Like Various telecommunications and network solutions, as well as chargers for electric vehicles and lithium power storage systems,we support the design, construction, and maintenance and operation in concert with our customers.
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