We promote social contribution activities by providing support for developing the next generation human resources that will bear responsibility of sustainable growth of society and contributing to internal/external local communities where business activities take place.

Collection of Cancelled Postage Stamps

Since August 2007, we have been collecting used stamps on company premises and donating them to specified non-government organizations. Currently, we are providing our support to the “JVC Cambodia Campaign” conducted by the “Specified Non-profit Organization, Japan International Volunteer Center – Cambodia Volunteer Team.”

Cancelled stamps collected by the JVC are exchanged for cash, which is then used to provide funding and support for activities in Cambodia including environmental education, raising the standard of living through ecological agriculture, operation of a Trainers’ Resources Center, and administration of an automotive technical school providing job training to Cambodians.

The items collected within our own workplace can be used as funds for international CSR activities.
We will continue to engage ourselves in this highly popular, easy-to-carry out activity.

Collection of PET Bottle Caps

After ideas were solicited within the company on the theme of accessible social contributions to tackle the worsening environmental problems, the PET Bottle Cap program was chosen, and inaugurated on September 1, 2008.

Collection boxes are sited at three locations in our company: Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya offices. The collected caps are sent to a nonprofit organization (NPO) called the Ecocap Movement. The caps are sold to a recycling contractor, and all proceeds are donated by the organization to another authorized NPO, the Japan Committee Vaccines for the World’s Children (JCV), and used for various social contribution activities including medical care/vaccine support, support for persons in disabilities and provision of environmental education to children. Our employees show extremely keen interest in this activity, and a total of 132,000 caps have been sold as of the end of December, 2016.

This activity not only saves precious lives of world’s children, but also brings us significant benefits in terms of environmental improvement and promotion of recycling. Collecting caps and PET bottles separately will lead to further reducing CO2 emissions and recycling PET bottles.

Charity Calendar Fair Collaboration Activity

We collect and donate unused calendars and pocketbooks at the beginning of the year to the annual “Charity Calendar Fair” (sponsored by the authorized NPO Nippon Volunteer Network Active in Disaster) held at the Nishinomiya City Hall, Hyogo Prefecture in the beginning of January each year. Over 500 calendars and pocketbooks are donated every year, and we will proactively conduct this activity.

The collected calendars and pocketbooks are sold for charity, and its proceeds are spent for a variety of domestic and overseas disaster rescue support activities (direct expense for victim support and indirect expense for coordination of such support).

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park Cleanup Activity

In preparation for the Peace Memorial Ceremony carried out in August 6 every year, as a member of Sumitomo Corporation Group, we participate in the cleanup activity held by Hiroshima City and the Hiroshima City Public Health Promotion Conference to clean up the Peace Memorial Park and its surrounding areas.

This activity is conducted as part of the environment beautification campaign with the objective to raise the awareness of peace. Approximately 1,000 kg of trash and debris are collected every year as a result of weeding and raking up fallen leaves. We help creating the environment in which visitors can spend their day comfortably to hope for peace at the Peace Memorial Park.

Donation of Emergency Food

Upon replacing our own emergency food and drink prepared for times of disaster, the previously stored food and drink is donated to Second Harvest Japan.

The food collected by the secretariat of the above organization will be delivered to children at orphanages, shelters for victims of domestic violence, and furthermore to homeless people who have no choice but living on the streets.

CSR Activities of Sumitomo Shoji