RotaTherm:Intelligently Designed Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooker


Application: Processed Cheese, Sauces, Soups, Baby food, Pie Fillers, Puree and more… A wide range of food products including high/low moisture and those are “pumpable”.


・The RotaTherm; is the world's leading Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooking system. It is designed so that you can set the heating and processing parameters as you require. These include cooking temperature, direct steam injection heating profile, shear, pressure, mixing as well as various other settings - all with a precise level of control.

・The RotaTherm can be operated continuously for up to 72 hours at a time, without having any built-up nor burn-on thanks to its innovative technologies.

・More than 120 RotaTherm® are running all over the world since its launched in 1988.

■Manufacturer:Gold Peg International Pty Ltd (Australia)


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