In-house educational activities for the SDGs

ABD Reading Conference

The ABD Reading Session is a book reading session in which one book is divided, shared, and shared by all members. Summarize the parts that you read, summarize them on paper, and put them out on the wall to give presentations in sequence along the flow of the book. Thereafter, the topics of interest in the book and comments and opinions were discussed. By holding reading sessions on the theme of the SDGs, we were able to gain an understanding of the actual examples of the SDGs in a short period of time, and this was an opportunity to consider what our business activities are linked to the SDGs.

SDGs role-playing

This is a project to experience how the world and society are achieving the 17 international goals adopted by the United Nations from now to 2030.
Each of us will think and act to realize a society where no one is left behind from the viewpoint of economy, environment and society. Through role-playing activities, participants gained the opportunity to learn a variety of perspectives and ways of thinking that are necessary for practicing the SDGs while enjoying their work.

Seminar from Sumitomo Corporation/Sustainability Department

In examining our sustainability, we asked the Sustainability Department of Sumitomo Corporation to organize a seminar on sustainability for the Sumitomo Corporation Group. This was an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and to promote in-house awareness-raising activities by learning about the history of the Sumitomo Corporation Group's six specific materialities and their relationship with the SDGs.

In-house seminar on SDGs by external lecturers

In order to raise awareness and knowledge of the SDGs, which became important in the process of identifying the six materialities of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, we held in-house seminars for all employees in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya by external lecturers.
Listening to a variety of perspectives and explanations, including concrete examples, on the theme of ""Why companies are working on the SDGs,"" provided an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the SDGs, as some employees have heard the word ""SDGs"" for the first time. This event was designed to provide an opportunity for each employee to create business opportunities by thinking about why the SDGs are necessary.