Supply and Distribution Optimization


Improving the Efficiency of Raw Materials/Equipment Procurement and Transportation of Finished Products

We comprehensively manage procurement and transportation of raw materials and equipment for overseas plants and reduce the costs. We propose efficient transportation methods for finished products as well.


  • コスト削減 Reduction of procurement cost

  • オール Thorough information management

  • コスト削減 Reduction of logistics costs upon importing/exporting and improvement of efficiency of all necessary procedures


・When manufacturing overseas, are there any raw materials or equipment that you have to purchase from Japan or its neighboring countries because they cannot be easily procured on the spot?

→We will help you reduce your costs and efforts by managing procurement and transportation through one window at our company.

・Do you have any concerns about transportation of finished products?

→Our overseas specialists will collaborate with overseas offices of Sumitomo Shoji and propose the optimum transportation method for you.

・Do you have any concerns about inventory management?

→We will make all procurement and transportation processes of raw materials, equipment and finished products visible by comprehensively managing them, thus enabling you to achieve a proper inventory management.

■Manufacturer:Logistics companies

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